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System Options


To help you better understand the security alarm options and features available and how the various types of systems work, we invite you to read the information below. It will help you make the proper, informed choice when selecting the security alarm system that will meet your specific, individual needs. Or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us and speak with one of our Security Specialists. They'll be pleased to help you make the choice that will suit your needs best.

Basic Alarm System Features: Hard-Wired vs. Wireless Alarm Systems

  • no batteries to replace
  • wider selection of detectors for custom-tailoring of system
  • takes longer to install
  • equipment is less expensive
  • more drilling needed for wiring
  • not always suitable due to design hardwiring not always possible
  • no radio frequencies to be jammed due to environmental & tampering issues
  • installed fixtures are more permanent
  • better for long-term operation
  • less costly to upgrade detectors
  • each unit has a battery to replace
  • less variety of available detectors
  • shorter installation time
  • equipment is more expensive
  • less drilling needed
  • always available in all premises
  • radio frequencies can be temporarily jammed due to unknown circumstances
  • fixtures are easily transportable
  • not as long-term
  • more costly to upgrade

STAY OR AWAY ARMING (residential systems only)

STAY: Bypasses interior motion detectors while you are at home. Perimeter remains armed.
AWAY: Arms the whole system
EXIT BUTTON : Allows someone to leave the house early in the morning and leave the system armed for anyone still inside.


The system has the capability of providing multiple user codes. Each individual arming and disarming the alarm system can have a different 4-digit code that can be changed as often as you wish. This feature can be especially beneficial to commercial accounts that have employees who come and go at varying time schedules. If required, all alarm system arming and disarming codes and times can be recorded at the monitoring station.


You are able to bypass a zone or group of zones on the system while still leaving the rest of the system armed.


This feature can be easily turned on or off at any time by using the keypad. If the door chime feature is enabled, when a door or window is opened or closed, the keypad will chime a few times to alert you that a door has been opened or closed. This can be a handy feature when someone is home alone and does not have the system armed. They'll always be notified when the door is open. A great help for babysitters to keep track of escaping children or to notify business owners when a customer enters.


Doors may be programmed for different delay times. More time may be required to reach a keypad to disarm the system. The least amount shortest amount of delay time is recommended for any system.


Each keypad is equipped with three panic buttons (police, fire and ambulance), so the nature of the emergency can be specified to ensure the proper responders are sent.